Restoring an Existing Wallet

The Orange Wallet uses offers the ultimate peace of mind by enabling the ease of restoring your wallet by seamlessly importing a seed phrase generated by our wallet or from other leading wallets like Unisat, Hiro, Xverse, and more. Leveraging the BIP39 standard ensures consumers the utmost security and flexibility in the non-custodial management of their digital assets across a spectrum of the most popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallets. Here's how you can restore an existing wallet on Orange Wallet using a seed phrase.

  1. After installing the Orange Wallet, tap the 'Restore Wallet' button to begin

  2. On the seed phrase verification screen, enter the corresponding words in the correct numerical order that is request by the dAPP. This ensures that you have safely recorded your seed phrase. Tap the 'paste' button to paste a string of words if you previously copied them. Once all words are entered, please tap the 'Continue' button.

  3. To ensure unauthorized access to your wallet, you will need to create a password to accompany your seed phrase. On this screen, create a unique password that only you know. Passwords should be at least 9 characters long and a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Once completed, tap 'Continue' to proceed.

  4. Re-enter your password to verify your password. Tap 'Continue' to proceed

  5. That's it! Congratulations 🎉 You have successfully restored your Orange Wallet! Tap next to continue to the main wallet screen. You can also tap the 'browser extension' button in your Chrome browser to pin the Orange Wallet icon in your browser for quick access in the future.

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