Navigating the Orange Wallet

Crypto is confusing. At Orange Labs, we've simplified the Orange Wallet to make it as intuitive as possible. We've designed the main user interface to quickly enable users to gain access to the main features of the wallet in less than two taps. Below are descriptions of the interface and their functions:

  • Wallet Address

    This enabling users to quickly copy their wallet address for seamless sharing for transactions.

  • Wallet Address QR Code

    This generates a scannable QR code representing your wallet address and streamlines the process of receiving payments by allowing others to scan and confirm your destination address easily.

  • Settings Menu

    Provides access to various customizable features and security settings within the crypto wallet, allowing users to tailor their experience and enhance the security of their assets.

  • Wallet Cards

    This is the Orange Wallet's visual representations of individual wallets within the app, making it easy to manage multiple cryptocurrencies or accounts under a single user interface. The first wallet card, by default, is the wallet balance card. This card displays the number of assets in the wallet and combines the total balance of all assets into one.

  • Add Coin

    A feature allowing users to add new cryptocurrencies to their wallet.

  • All Transactions

    This is a comprehensive list detailing all transactions conducted within the wallet, including sending, receiving, and swapping assets, providing an overview of account activity.

  • Wallet

    The central hub of the Orange Wallet, where users can view their overall portfolio, check balances, and access various functions to manage their digital assets efficiently.

  • Statistics

    Offers graphical representations and numerical data showcasing the performance of your cryptocurrency investments, providing insights into trends, gains, and losses.

  • NFT

    Stands for Non-Fungible Token, representing unique digital assets on the blockchain. This section of the wallet is dedicated to managing, viewing, and interacting with NFTs, including your purchases, sales, and transfers.

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