What are Orange Rewards?

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How Do I Enroll in the Program?

There is no need to sign up or send your tokens to any centralized entity to join the rewards program. By simply holding $ORNJ tokens in a self-custody Bitcoin wallet, you're automatically eligible to earn and accrue points. The emphasis is on ease of participation without the need for additional steps.

Which Wallet Do I Need to Hold My $ORNJ Tokens in to be Eligible to Earn Loyalty Points?

Your $ORNJ tokens should be in any self-custody Bitcoin wallet to participate in the Orange Rewards program. This allows you to earn rewards passively without any action required, excluding holding tokens in centralized exchanges. A sample list of supported wallets is as follows:

How Can I Install the Orange Wallet

The Orange Wallet is currently in Beta and unavailable on the Google Chrome App Store; however, you can install it by following the instructions here. We are preparing for the wallet's full release in Q1 of 2024.

Am I Eligible for Loyalty Points if I Hold My Tokens on a Centralized Exchange?

For the Orange Rewards program, you must hold your $ORNJ tokens in a self-custody Bitcoin wallet. Holding tokens on a centralized exchange (CEX) does not qualify you for rewards.

Is $ORNJ Wrapped on Stacks Eligible for Rewards?

No. It has to be native $ORNJ on Bitcoin for our indexer to recognize your holding.

Is a Certain Duration Required to Earn Rewards?

No, there is no minimum required time. You can only earn points for the duration the $ORNJ tokens are held in your wallet.

What is the APY / Yield?

There’s no percentage. It’s not a yield percentage program. You earn points per the algorithm list on https://docs.orangecrypto.com/orange-rewards From there, you can redeem your points for various rewards.

What are Some Examples of the Rewards I Can Earn?

Here are examples of the Orange rewards:

  • Merchandise

  • Ordinals collection

  • Tokens from launchpad partners

  • Tokens for an upcoming Bitcoin game

  • Tokens for the future Orange blockchain

What is the OG Bonus?

The OG Bonus is an additional bonus for $ORNJ token holders who are early adopters in the Orange Loyalty program that begin their stake before 03/09.

What is the Algorithm to Accumulate Points?

This means your points are calculated by multiplying the quantity of $ORNJ tokens you hold by the duration they have been held and dormant in your wallet.

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